How Does It Work?

Our step-by-step process explained

It all begins with a simple mouth swab to collect your genetic code (DNA), which will then be promptly delivered to our state of the art laboratory in Munich, Germany. 

Once collected, we use both traditional and cutting edge scientific advancements to build you a in depth profile. The profile includes:

  • A comprehensive and individualized list of optimal food sources and not just the macronutrient breakdown. The breakdown of what types of carbohydrates, proteins, or fats you should be consuming. 
  •  GREEN foods are optimal for you. YELLOW foods are neither optimal nor damaging when consumed in moderation. RED food should be avoided at all costs per your evaluation, as they are detrimental in more ways than just weight gain. Gut health, disease prevention, mental health, focus, energy, and vitality are all tied to your diet.
  • Provisions for meal recommendations and optimal timing windows for consumption.
  • Information on meal timing to optimize circadian rhythm function and activity windows.